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mike lee
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speed of light

Do you honestly believe that O'sensei really moved that distance so fast? If you do, then how is it possible for a human body to travel that fast?
If O'Sensei really said he did it, then I believe he did. As far as how he did it, he explained that in the story.

I'm not out to convince anyone that this story is true, as some of you have assumed.

The fact of the matter is that I don't need to believe this story as some have also incorrectly assumed. But if people want to discredit the story, provided by a highly reputable shihan in aikido and containing direct quotes from O'Sensei, then I would need to see something more than conjecture and opinions by relative unknowns to convince me that the story is totally false or that O'Sensei was engaged in some form of fraudulant activity, which, by not believing the story one would seem to be implying.
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