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Re: Being Committed to Aiki

Christopher Li wrote: View Post
What precisely are the Aiki Principles, and how are they manifested?

I could say, for example, that I am the inheritor of the Ballet Principles of Mikhail Baryshnikov. But if I can't explain what those principles are, how they apply, or demonstrate them at some level, then that would seem somewhat odd, wouldn't it?

I could dismiss all those stories of him leaping through the air as irrelevant past events (even though many people saw them), but wouldn't that then be just an attempt to justify my own inability?

If you didn't care then...why are you writing about it?

Mostly, what you're seeing is an anti-cult - groups of people who are trying to test basic assumptions and demonstrate the conclusions for themselves.


Funny example. Baryshnikov is well-known as a dancer and choreographer that gives no relevance or importance to high leaps. Even though, not being a tall person, he was very good at it. He emphasizes simplicity and genuineness rather then skill in technique. A sincere attempt has always been more important to him then a success.
His philosophy of life is not that distant from the philosophy of Aikido. Sincerity is to be found in the effort, not in the result.

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