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Re: Internal Power/Strength (IS/IP) in relation to non-human contact

This thread is getting curiouser and more colorful by the minute. I love it.

I was a bit confused, however, by the statement that my idea about the hammer made a mockery of a thousand years of martial knowledge.

As for me, I was thinking of way more than a thousand years ago with Arjuna in the Mahabarata, who was trained by Drona - a well respected hammer man. Then I recalled that Indra created the cosmos with a hammer. So I did a google of the subject.

Types of Hammer Gods--The Aryan Indra--Chinese World Shaper--Scottish Hunting Deity--Egyptian Artisan God--Greek and Roman Thunder Gods--Thor--Hittite, Assyrian, and other types--A Wail from Palestine--Babylonian Influence--Indra's Indian Character--A Nature Myth--Drought Demon slain--Gods and Demons in conflict--Origin of Indra's Thunderbolt--Demons' plot to destroy Universe--Babylonian Creation Myth--How Indra Shaped the World--Elfin Artisans in India, Egypt, and Germania--Babylonian Artisan God--Indra the Harvest God--The God of Battle--Comparison with Thor--Aryan Cattle Lifters--Indra's Queen and Attendants.

Surely, if men attribute power to gods via the emblem of a hammer, they also look to martial prowess and specialized power as men wield them also. Ans some of these stories test men's internal power by hitting inanimate things (like rocks).

I also found this:

The Nitiprakasika (Hindi treatise on warfare) divides Indian weapons between 3 categories.
1. the thrown (mukta) including the Parasu (battle Axe)
2) the not thrown (amukta) including a masundi (eight sided cudgel and a Mudgara was a staff in the shape of a hammer)
3) those delivered by mantras (mantramukta) which included the Brahmastra (phurba-like stick)

So, maybe I misunderstood how I have made a mockery of internal power and the use of a hammer....
How so, please advise.....

with respect,

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