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Re: I: Ignorance, Intelligence, and Integrity

Mary Malmros wrote: View Post
I like reading what you write...and yet, if you'll excuse my picking a nit (or perhaps a bone?), I wonder if one day we will be able to go beyond the dismissive labeling of other styles as "the bashing arts". I find it ironic that you use a term that perpetuates willful ignorance in this post. It's not that there's nothing worthwhile in comparing your prior experiences to what you know now; but it strikes me that the difference is less in the style than in the student, then and now -- the student who could only see "bashing" vs. the student who can see something more. Aikido has enough of a sanctimonious superiority complex already; it doesn't need to be fed.
Thank you for reading and responding.

Nitting and bones are always welcome and well taken.

When I refer to my past in the "bashing arts" it is only meant to be descriptive, not dismissive. My mind and technique were focused on "bashing".

I neither see/think of bashing or Aikido in judgmental terms of more/less, better/worse, good/bad, inferior/superior. I simply see/think of them as different.

BTW, I totally agree with you on the "sanctimonious superiority complex" common in Aikido. I often think its a compensation for the opposite.

Thanks for nitting and picking bones with me. Its how we learn and train to improve.

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