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Re: It Had to Be Felt #11 - Abbe Kenshiro: "Trying to Catch the Wind"

Ellis Amdur wrote: View Post
Here's a very poignant essay on Abbe sensei, translated by Syd Hoare.
Dear Mr Amdur,
This essay is as you say very poignant.Abbe Sensei imho was one of the greatest Budoka I ever met.He was a man of few words but his Judo spoke for itself.Due to the U.K. politics of the day -B.J.A./B.J.C rivalry not everybody had the opportunity to train with Abbe Sensei.I also note in the essay then mention of Kisaburo Watanabe, Asian Games champion.His judo movements carried a similar style as Abbe Sensei.I would say that Watanabe may well have been influenced by Abbe ???They each had varied Waza [Watanabe was especially good at Tai Otoshi /O uchi gari combinations].Cheers, Joe.
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