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Re: I: Ignorance, Intelligence, and Integrity

Lynn Seiser wrote: View Post
Yes agreed.

Common sense is more useful and does not appear to be very common anymore.

IMHO, common sense is intelligence, as opposed to simply being educated or filled with other people's information. Intelligence is being able to take information, introspection, and insight and apply it to life (everyone's life) with the integrity of doing the right thing.

Integrity is when our decision, direction, and daily discipline are congruent with our intent and attention.

Perhaps intelligence and integrity is also seeking without compromise that which is rare but of great value.
Dear Mr Seiser,
Could not agree with you more.We as aikidoka sometimes have viewpoints that might be considered altruitistic/lofty /good morals.All too often people abandon these ideals for varied reasons[ambition, status /gain ]or maybe the fact is we are all human and subject to human failings?
Cheers, Joe.
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