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Autrelle Holland
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Re: Dangerous Situations

These are all very interesting stories. There is a bit of irony that I think needs to be addressed. Why is it that we train martial arts, and are still expected to accept violation of self or others? Why is it that when a martial artist, rightfully puts the craft to its proper function, "stopping violence," there is criticism? Frankly, Aikido people can be a bit lofty in that regard. I say, don't start any, and there won't be any. I have done a lot of meaningless mean stuff to people in my past youth, and honestly every time was in defense of self or another. And I always made a point to give the person a way out, to deescalate. It's in their hands at that point. I have never seriously hurt anyone, and I have never been hurt (knock on wood). And in the cases that I had run into that person again, for better or worse, they had reflected on their conduct, for the better.

I made an effort, years ago, to tell some of these stories on an old blog in mind, with the idea that there was something to learn from those experiences, and not just about fighting, but about proper conduct. I got a lot of crap about it from people, but, it is what it is. It's easy to judge negatively. I have seen people, good people, close to me, talk about martial arts as just an expression of violence, done by violent people who are simply overcompensating for some defect in their personality. I have heard those same people say "I wish you were here the other night; I really could have used your help."

Violence is a short term solution to an immediate problem, and is only justified in response to, or the prevention of violence. It's almost that simple.
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