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In this experiment we will show that man can move faster than bullets... (pad out)


Pad out with info on aikido, O'sensei, gun speeds, reaction times etc


(basicly)... we took 6 men, give them guns who fired at o'sensei


Gun1: discharged - missed - shooter thrown

Gun2: discharged - missed

Gun3: discharged - missed

Gun4: discharged - missed

Gun5: discharged - missed

Gun6: discharged - missed

O'sensei: Unharmed


O'sensei moved faster than the bullets... (pad out)

possibly follow up experiment with more guns, different guns, tie his legs together, blind fold him etc etc etc.


my point is...

had the shooting been written out like a scientific experiment would more people have believed it?

It turns out that people are more willing to believe the eye witness accounts of scientists, who have studied a subject for years and write in a more formal manner. than eye witness accounts of others who have studied for years and dont get their accounts published in journals.

why? probably because science follows 'doctine'.

Science said the world was the center of the universe. anyone who said otherwise was ridiculed (sp?). Anyone and anything that goes against science or the general belief system of the masses is made fun of and shunned. People want to believe that they are 'right' and make fun of anything that encroaches upon that which they think they know.

I have read, with interest, the entire thread. It has been very entertaining... but i am wondering. Have people gained from it? do people ask themselves... why do I believe this? (either side) and how does believing it help me get where I want to be or be who I believe I want to be?

the beliefs dont effect what you know, or who you are... they distract you from it. but its a fun ride anyway.

I started with a point... it kinda got lost and I went on a tangent as usual.

oh well...



Kev Price

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