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Chris Parkerson
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Re: Arm locks... really???????

Hi Dan,

I agree that one must keep the six harmonies intact. Posture and connection is indeed the foundation to all efficient movement.
But it is hard to debate a guy who proved his theories through Judo competition like Hal did. His guns weren't more than 18 " and his weight is and has most always been 165 pounds. Yet, I do not think he ever lost to a juji after the 1970's. He could do isolated dumbbell curls with 100 pounds and did his balistic nautilus curl practice with 100 and more when we trained together.

His theories were about speed-strength. In his mind, he was a quarter horse outmaneuvering Clydesdales. So consider this, you've got position for juji, right as his arm begins to straighten, Hal instinctively could delay the isolation of his arm, use this speed strength to blast his whole body (unified) through your leg position, using (stealing) the force of your own Juji positioning against you.

That was his main tactic when attacked by juji. He entered rather than retreated. He used your energy against you. When he was coaching with Phil Porter at the USJA in Colorado Springs, people pooh poohed his training saying , " aw, that's Hal's stuff". Yet he was might hard to beat.

His record speaks for itself.
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