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Re: Arm locks... really???????

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In Hal Von Luebbert's book "Fight Strength" he begins with a story where five guys in a back alley assault him with sticks and chains. After two great Osoto's and an ICBM mata, he pulls a 2nd Ichihara mata on a man with a chain. As Hal lands on top of him, he feels a ripping pain in his gut.
He wonders if he has been shot but has no time to assess it.

He rises and charges the final opponent. The bad guy's eyes are bulging out of their sockets. The man turns and runs away. Hal stops for a second and feels something warm and wet on his chest. He assesses. It was puke. He was charging the final guy while spewing vomit like a berserker.... that what happens when a chain wraps around and slaps your groin.

Just a cool story. Having lived with Hal for a few months and been his training partner for a year, I can attest that his training methods were an attempt at daily suicide. Gottaluvit.
Yes Chirs.
I am truly enjoying this thread as well, as you said earlier.

I have been told gruesome reports of boxers that were able to deal with, well, 12 guys... I have no idea whether that's possibile at all. I can envision a situation like an Eastwood movie or a Seagal movie where one highly trained individual may cope with several untrained ones.

But, personally, I knew as a fact, with no need to have been there, that above 2 guys would have been a big problem for me even in my heydays (loooong ago lol).

The story that you report is a good combination of both perspectives: if you're well trained you can deal also with many, yet at the same time it is, as said, a very dangerous business where your life can vanish at any moment, as in Luebbert's case was about to happen.

This aside from the concern you may badly hurt someone's else. At first one may think it's cool, but indeed it will develop over time as a regret that may daunt you your whole life. I am fortunate that I have only minor regrets in this department and I hope i will never be faced with any situation ever again where anything may occur. Thinking that some persons may have to live with the idea of having unwillingly killed somebody with a punch makes me understand, with a degree of certainty, that it's definitely a memory I would prefer to live without.

Some persons are surprised that, if you had a fighting training, then you eventually avoid fighting. Indeed, there are persons who are trained and keep looking for troubles, but that's pyschopathy you know... A well trained person feels less urges actually, and not more, to get into a fight. Indeed, with the growth of self confidence derived from actual sparring, decreases any need to test one's abilities.

I always remember that story once I read of a heavyweight that at a social gathering was repeatedly and heavily insulted by a guy and yet kept answering gently. Once asked, after that, why he did not react to so much abuse he answered: "once you have been an holder of the WBA belt, you can afford being kind."

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