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Re: I: Ignorance, Intelligence, and Integrity

Mary Eastland wrote: View Post
Sometimes it is better to walk away. Integrity involves a commitment to ourselves. Sometimes partners are not what they seem...I can't judge another person intentions by my own. Assumptions cause me problems. I like to be in the question. I don't think that makes me ignorant. I like to think of it as being open. It makes everyday a new adventure.
Yes agreed.

Sometimes the intelligent thing is to walk away, while standing your ground is about ignorance, egocentrism, and arrogance. Intelligence is discernment. Wisdom/serenity is knowing the difference.

We know how to spell assume.

Intelligent questions direct you to be open to intelligent answers.

Everyday is a new adventure if we have learned from the past, otherwise its the same old adventure on a different day.

Thanks for reading and responding.

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