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Re: Arm locks... really???????

In Hal Von Luebbert's book "Fight Strength" he begins with a story where five guys in a back alley assault him with sticks and chains. After two great Osoto's and an ICBM mata, he pulls a 2nd Ichihara mata on a man with a chain. As Hal lands on top of him, he feels a ripping pain in his gut.
He wonders if he has been shot but has no time to assess it.

He rises and charges the final opponent. The bad guy's eyes are bulging out of their sockets. The man turns and runs away. Hal stops for a second and feels something warm and wet on his chest. He assesses. It was puke. He was charging the final guy while spewing vomit like a berserker.... that what happens when a chain wraps around and slaps your groin.

Just a cool story. Having lived with Hal for a few months and been his training partner for a year, I can attest that his training methods were an attempt at daily suicide. Gottaluvit.
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