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Re: Arm locks... really???????

ps should I add that, perhaps unsurprisingly, I always stated that fights are a very dangerous business and that you should preferaby avoid all of them even at the cost of not intervening in the problems of the others (such as a "nagged" lady or so) or of being "punked"?

Most fatal damages are a consequence of persons that, since they have never been in a fight and are fundamentally untrained for the "real" thing, entertain somewhat romantic ideas about it - so they get into the line of fire and at times they are lucky and go to the pub and tell all their buddies how their wondrous first or second punch solved the situation or how they placed a sankyo on that pathetic idiot who, untrained as them, engaged them while on tequila - which ignites a vicious circle where they get even more ingrained into the fundamentally fictional idea of a "fight" that they entertained, and on their ability to deal with it, which poses them in the situation of crossing again and again the line of fire even when not necessary at all.

Other times, unfortunately, they aren't so lucky and at times they cannot even tell.

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