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Re: Arm locks... really???????

Alberto Italiano wrote: View Post
My main concern has always been that of being able to place an armlock that is immediate & effective against a guy who is throwing unceasing punches at me.

Knowing the rapidity with which a skilled puncher may repeatedly hit you, I have the following concerns:

1) I must be able to place the armlock as soon as possible
2) I must first protect myself from that tempest - thus I must shield myself (hands at face height or close enough to be there in a lightening, to shield me), dodge (move away laterally from incoming stuff), parry (try to brush it aside also as you dodge) and move lateral (try to go lateral to that arm): that is use the whole arsenal to avoid that incoming stuff at your face!
3) I must be able to produce an armlock that can be placed also on a rechambered arm because odds are that I will find it rechambered, for a skilled puncher can be very very fast (an instance of one of the fastest speeds ever reached: - and if he is that fast and that unceasing, you're done - armlock or not. There is no armlock, no knife, no bottle, no chain that you can stop him with, because he sets the whole agenda then - you need a gun. Btw also a very enjoyable and instructive video, worth your time)

Perhaps with that video you may also understand why I say that you won't iriminage that type of guys... no "Mune Tsuki Waza" with those guys, you won't do to them this: ...
Clinch, try to go lateral, and try grab one of their arms - you won't stand a chance for any other technique if you're attacked about so hard.

To date, the only armlock that I (me, maybe others are better than me - that's not difficult lol) have been able to place in the given situation is the one seen here (move right away at minute 7.45 till minute 8.10 all the rest is irrelevant don't waste your time. I have looked several times for that armlock on youtube but never found one, maybe I was looking in the wrong places though!)
In my own experience, it is not necessary (1) to get the arm lock ASAP. I would fine tune the idea as being get positioning ASAP. You can sneak an armlock on someone rather subtly. In this video, I place a sumi otoshi on a boxer's punch using the old adage that a fist moves rally fast, but the elbow moves slower and tghe shoulder moves slower still. In these following two clips, I am suing a sumi otoshi and heaven and earth throws to complete the process. Notice how i am using Leydyard's ideas on the Ikkyo curve to throw at most any point. Yes, I am always headed for the 2 on 1 grip if the throw doesn't happen quickly. It is simply the best place to fight from. It cancells out the other person's weapons better than other frontal positions do.Arm bars are great to collect as the opponent is falling.

I would also differ with the Aikido clip you provided. The teacher is going yin on both sides of the punch (retreating) as he places his feathering block behind the attacking arm. I have had more success with going yang on the outside and yin on the inside. This gives me an effective tenkan (Baqua step attack that places my center of gravity right behind the "conjunction point" of the attacker.

My tenkan can be small as I am getting clocked (worst caqse scenario) or it can be larger as I blend as the punch is coming towards me and I use my arms to assist in the evasion.
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