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Re: Arm locks... really???????

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Alberto and others,

I have really enjoyed this thread, it's diversity, and the various paths they represent.

Your final point, albert:

4) Once produced the armlock what "comes after" is very simple: nothing. If the armlock is effective (and most of the times they are), you simply keep him there untile either he cools off or security takes over, unable to fight any further.

For me, I tend to use kuzushi to take the armloch to the edge of a throw. I call it putting the fat mam on one to at the adge of the diving board. Sensei Leydyard call this the "seam". Good enough.

This is where I simply become the conductor on the train. Unemotional and without getting sidetracked by my own mental projections, I let my opponent decide what is next. I simply punch his train ticket. He can go home (a pin and a talking-to is the path); he can go to the hospital ( koppo right has you drop him of the diving board will to the trick) or he can go to the next world (a small circled throw in which the pivot point I have offered him, simply evaporates and his head crashes to the ground, likely breaking his neck) no escape like in Aikido throws.

This is compassion, I give him the options and feel his answer and desire through my hands and hara.
I couldn't agree more.
I am also not surprised that Leydyard, maybe my favourite "author" here , substantially concurred with that by what you report.

You also add an important element that I did not include, but that is vital: armlocks should be always armolock intended to finish with a potential projection (this was your point if I did not misunderstood it).
Very true! This is in fact exactly what I ahd in mind - we have a video in this thread where an armlock is produced however it was not nearly as effective as it could be: it was a "standing" armlock - whereas with a really good armlock, you ground him also. The armlocking guy was relying on wrist and elbow, whereas you also have a shoulder - it is pressure on the armpit/shoulder area what produces the grounding projection in my humble experience (grounding ex boxing partners).

You may also match an armlock and grounding with a nice nykkio: once armlocked on his knees, you may also nykkio his hand as you keep the armlock.

Indeed, if a person has experience, should never envision anything else but a compassionate solution - this suits better everybody, simply. The next world can wait, hopefully!

Of course, if we want to joke about what happens next, well he will probably also explain to you, as he is armlocked, what he thinks of your mummy daddy sisters brothers relatives and girlfriend... well you just ignore him, we believe in free speech here!
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