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Re: Arm locks... really???????

Alberto and others,

I have really enjoyed this thread, it's diversity, and the various paths they represent.

Your final point, albert:

4) Once produced the armlock what "comes after" is very simple: nothing. If the armlock is effective (and most of the times they are), you simply keep him there untile either he cools off or security takes over, unable to fight any further.

For me, I tend to use kuzushi to take the armloch to the edge of a throw. I call it putting the fat mam on one toe at the edge of the diving board. Sensei Leydyard call this the "seam". Good enough.
This is where I simply become the conductor on the train. Unemotional and without getting
sidetracked by my own mental projections, I let my opponent decide what is next. I simply punch
his train ticket. He can go home (a pin and a talking-to is the path); he can go to the hospital ( koppo at the weak joint(s) right has you drop him of the diving board will to the trick) or he can go
to the next world (a small circled throw in which the pivot point I have offered him, simply
evaporates and his head crashes to the ground, likely breaking his neck) no escape like in Aikido

This is compassion, I give him the options and feel his answer and desire through my hands and hara.

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