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Re: Aint Nikkyo Fascinating!

Grady Lane, a very strong and highly talented Aikidoka, tells this story:

Lane Sensei became interested in Aikido in 1975 after watching the Aikido class that followed his Karate class. He remembers being somewhat unimpressed by what appeared to him as an old man dancing around the mats a bit. After he had watched several classes the instructor invited him to participate in a demonstration. With the bravado of youth and his assurance in his Karate skills he accepted the invitation feeling confidant that the match would be brief. It was. In a matter of seconds he found himself painfully pinned in a wrist lock and quickly recognized that Aikido was definitely an effective martial art. He joined the class and has trained with dedication to Aikido for over 30 years.

He told me this story in person. Above is what comes from his site. He said the technique was nikyo.
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