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No. 3 would be O'Sensei's account of the event.
No, it sure wouldn't! We're talking movement of the body here, not peoples account of the story!!!

There is only two ways if the story is true.

1) He moved before they fired.

2) He moved after they fired.

The only logical or remotely possible nr.3, would be that he moved exactly when they fired. Either way wouldn't have made a big difference. We're talking fractions of a second here! There is only before, during and after.
Neo is a fictional character in a fiction-based film. *snip* Doesn't seem to be any fictional characters here. .
Nope. No fictional characters. But the event, as you believe it happened, is truly fictional.

Give me a straight answer to this question Mike: Do you honestly believe that O'sensei really moved that distance so fast? If you do, then how is it possible for a human body to travel that fast?

Ever read the law of relativity (english sp?). Surely he must have moved faster than light, for this trick to work? That is, unless it was somehow rigged. By o'sensei or by the shooters. Or perhaps Scotty beemed him down?


PS. Do you also believe that Elivs is alive? People claim to have seen him you know. Then it must be true. (I'll bet people will still be seeing the King, even after his would-be 140th birthday).

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