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Re: Arm locks... really???????

Graham Jenkins wrote: View Post
YouTube's video timer must be broken, then: it says that from the moment the guy in the video was grabbed, to the next time we see him (unconscious on the floor), took ten seconds - and as at least a few of those weren't spent choking him...


Seven seconds by my count - both times.

Four seconds...?
You're putting individual cases up against an average. You do realise that doesn't really work? For every person who goes out quickly, there may be one who takes a while. Hence, you study lots of people.

I'm not saying it can't happen as quick as some say, I've just never seen (or felt) unconsciousness take effect in that very short space of time. I'm sure there's plenty of room for variance though.

Somewhat to Mr. Martindales query note that only 16 of 24 subject reached ocular fixation so whomever was putting on the vascular restriction was not good enough to get the desired results on all fully compliant subjects. I'd say that is trending on the lesser skilled side of the discussion.
It could be it was a skilled chap and some very tough subjects (though I doubt it, I've yet to see anyone unbothered by the VNR).

but there was never any real intent in the assailant
But there's no way to tell. Intent is internal. Only he knew what he was thinking. I thought Hall dropping him was well-judged and welll-executed.

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