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Re: Breath and Kokyu


I noticed a couple of sentences that intrigued me.

"Rhythm is a result of your own breathing."
"Make Uke follow"

I know this treatise in on kokyu breathing, but I think there is a missing factor in the equation.

It may be due to the limitation of words. But here goes...

I do not think you can make uke follow with timing and breath if we do not discuss "speed" during the execution of a technique. Surely timing is lost if I lag behind uke's reactions to my technique.
That doesn't mean I cannot do my techniques slowly, though. I just need to maintain connection

and timing so that use cannot get out of the technique.

Neither can I perform technique faster than uke can respond - even if my breath is perfect.
I will inevitable separate from him/her if I do.

So, IMO, timing also has allot to do with "going at the same pace" as uke is able to follow - neither faster or slower. In this way, connection is maintained and Kokyo breath enhances the connection and momentum.

Any thoughts?

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