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Re: Breath and Kokyu

Michael Varin wrote: View Post

Do you consider Shioda (or his book Total Aikido) a knowledgeable and reliable source of this type of information?

If so, I think you are making a mistake by not reading page 16 within the context of pages 14-24. In fact, I think you have quoted and/or paraphrased Shioda out of the context of page 16 alone.

What do you believe all this means?

Actually "you and the other person become as one" is exactly what Shioda said.

Your viewpoint of Aikido remains unclear. Do you believe the aim is to inflict yourself on another or on your environment?

For anyone interested, here is the entire section on kokyu ryoku:
"You and the other person become as one: where you lead you will be able to make uke follow."

This is how I see it as well - once uke is part of you, they go where you go - big question is exactly how that becoming one is accomplished

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