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Re: Breath and Kokyu


Do you consider Shioda (or his book Total Aikido) a knowledgeable and reliable source of this type of information?

If so, I think you are making a mistake by not reading page 16 within the context of pages 14-24. In fact, I think you have quoted and/or paraphrased Shioda out of the context of page 16 alone.

What do you believe all this means?

Mark Murray wrote:
Side Note: Interesting choice of words - "make uke follow". Not blend, not become one (emphasis mine), but you make uke follow. Didn't Ueshiba state aikido is making the other person do what you want?
Actually "you and the other person become as one" is exactly what Shioda said.

Your viewpoint of Aikido remains unclear. Do you believe the aim is to inflict yourself on another or on your environment?

For anyone interested, here is the entire section on kokyu ryoku:

Shioda, Total Aikido, p. 16 wrote:
Breath power is what is developed at the point where our own focused power comes into contact with the other person. Here, the matter of spirit and rhythm (timing) are of basic importance.

The matter of the spirit is how to become "empty." You should lose the feeling of "I will try to do this…I will try to do that…" and instead simply be in a serene state of mind. You will then be able to read the other person's movement and understand the flow of energy. You will then naturally feel where your own line of attack will be.

In this way you can utilize different tempos and rhythms, not moving at one speed, but rather choosing the one that is most applicable to the situation between yourself and uke. Rhythm is a result of your own breathing. By breathing out when you should breathe out, and breathing in when you should breathe in, rhythm is created.

When feeling (sensitivity), breathing, and rhythm are brought together and become one, kokyu-ryoku, or breath power, is born. You and the other person become as one: where you lead you will be able to make uke follow.

It is not necessary to do any special training in order to get breath power, because breath power is something that comes out of your own feelings. If you continue to train conscientiously in the basics, you will eventually realize, "This is breath power." Once you have had that experience, by continuing your training you will increase its occurrence, until eventually it will become constant. Once that has happened, you will experience what Morihei Ueshiba called "becoming one with the universe."

"Through aiki we can feel the mind of the enemy who comes to attack and are thus able to respond immediately." - M. Mochizuki
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