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Re: They're All the Only One Doing It Right


My name is Marvin but everyone calls me Duffy. I just finished your book THE PEACEFUL MARTIAL ART. I was first introduced to Aikido at 16 years old in high school. That was in 1964 living in Southern California. After Viet Nam in 69 and 70, I left the Army in Jan. 72. and really couldn't find a good find a Aikido Do I sort of let the practice go by the wayside.
But a funny thing happens when you have Aikido in your soul. It never REALLY lets go of you.
Well. I am now 64 years old had many life changing things happen in my life and am waiting now for lower back surgery. I live in Warrenton Virginia, and have talkes to the Sensei here and will join as soon as I recover.

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