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Re: Breath and Kokyu

The fact that most of us weren't given correct definitions of kokyu doesn't really say much. Who's to say that Shioda didn't choose the words he did because that was the best he could do too? It seems a mighty stretch to say that to Ueshiba and his aikido "breath" didn't actually mean breath and also suggest that what he did was a chinese by-product, where breathing seems to be a fairly integral aspect. So many of his students have various breathing exercises that came from/through him and they all seem to mesh with similar things you see in CIMA.

and at the same time, couldn't you look at some of that breath usage and say that it is also a sort of timing or synchronicity within the body? It's not like any one of his students understood what he was talking about to a degree that warrants such a seemingly drastic change.

If not, then how does it work and how does it fit into the history of "this stuff"?

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