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Jason wrote:
a man full of martial spirit and courage. Sometimes I feel in Aikido this has become sadly lacking. I'm sure I'm not a lone voice in the wilderness.
You certainly aren't ("If I could have a dollar for every time I've heard ..."). I like your story about Kenshiro Abbe. I liked Dan Messico's story, too. To me, one of the ideas that is at the heart of AiKiDo is the idea of creativity. I feel that the exciting part of these stories is that they make me think again about a situation that I thought I had understood. It is because of this that I find the lament of the 'loss of martial spirit' in AiKiDo so tiresome. It seems to me (and I could be quite wrong) an attitude where the lamenter tries to fit AiKiDo into a box they feel that they already understand, rather than looking for the creative insight or the creative approach that would allow it to be something new and different from anything they had previously imagined.

Yours in Aiki
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