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Re: Internal Power/Strength (IS/IP) in relation to non-human contact

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
It is yes all the way including wall building and actual work, also my 190lb Rottweiller and my Pit bull/ boxer...IP, combined with aiki, will work better on people... than inanimate objects.
To be equally frank, I found your last statement to be a rather transparent indicator of not only your doubts, but your intentions in your original posting. To be clear, your own lack of believing that Internal power has any merit will last about one minute in person,(if it takes that long) so why would I spend time over and over in debating it on the internet when no one I have met from your art or most any other art, can do much of anything to stop person?
I have no intention of trying to convince you of anything on the net.
It's all good. Have fun, and good luck in your training
thanks for your post Dan. i was hoping that someone with IP/IS experience would reply, but it feels like i've struck the lottery with getting you to bite! i'm sorry if i came across as being another keyboard warrior/skeptic, but without direct contact with a highly experienced/developed IP practitioner, i'm just trying to develop some of sort of conceptual framework that i could use. i attended a seminar with Bill Gleason a few months ago, and he spoke very highly of you and your IP, and that has removed most of my skepticism, which i had without any prior contact with you (or someone similar).

the reason i posted such a specific question was to test my hypothesis about whether IS/IP was about the skill/ability to control/manipulate another human being via the nervous system, but if you are proposing that it is also applicable to regular workloads and animals, then i can safely scratch that idea of the list.

so from what you're saying, i'm now reverting back to the original idea that IP is an additional source of power from physical strength, rather than an extraneous skill/ability. that said, i'm still curious though why IP would work better with people rather than inanimate objects if it is simply an additional source of power as compared to say a specific skill set.
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