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Re: Aint Nikkyo Fascinating!

Autrelle Holland wrote:
Speaking of MMA and nikkyo...
Here is a very NASTY form. Aoki demonstrates an applied version (oyo) of a nikkyo variation (henka). It looks like waki gatami or a "rokkyo" type technique, but if you train it, with firm pressure, the pain is definitely felt in the wrist. I believe he calls it "waki otoshi." With good ukemi, and a mean nage, only the wrist would be broken. Otherwise, uke's tension will allow the power of the lock to transfer into the forearm bones and the elbow.
My analysis of that technique is more like Anthony's. The technique was a version of rokkyo (hiji jime, waki gatame), and was applied against the elbow joint; the wrist isn't significantly involved.

It was not a nikyo (including the henka waza that Saito was demonstrating in the link posted), although nikyo flows quite naturally into rokkyo when the opponent begins to straighten the arm.

In line with the more general motivation behind this thread, techniques disappearing as options due to lack of practice or recognizing what is possible, I jumped out of my seat while watching Nate Diaz vs Jim Miller yelling, "There's a musha dori!" Suffice it to say everyone thought I was weird.

At about three minutes of the first round Diaz had two brief, but textbook, opportunities to apply a standing shoulder lock (which I believe used to be taught in BJJ). It really didn't matter because Nate put on such a good performance, but I always root for unexpected things to happen in MMA.

"Through aiki we can feel the mind of the enemy who comes to attack and are thus able to respond immediately." - M. Mochizuki
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