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Re: your number one technique

Yet I see you insist in turning it personal. Why? Do I know you? Have I done something to you?
You insist on turning it personal, claiming you know what I do not...when you don't know me. You don't know the first thing about me, yet you have experiences I, apparently, do not. You claim specialist knowledge about street fights, because you boxed.

I see that you may have reasons to disqualify any contribution I make,
Because you have no evidence for any of your assertions. They're just based on piles and piles of assumptions. Moreover, you're spreading your assertions as unassailable truths, uncaring of the damage you will cause.

How long would you survive aginst a cop like that, Sir?
It looks to me that the security guard is going to wear himself out, so I'd say: quite a while.

Are you expert enough to know it beforehand?
How can you possibly know how long a fight will last beforehand? Fantasy.

But of course one can defeat the whole argument in a more consistent manner: in a real situation a guy may take out not a knife (as you suggest) but a gun.
Here again you delve into fantasy. See and and many other articles by many other people whereby a knife is far more dangerous than a gun at close range.

Have you ever seen what they can do with one of those? I have.
This, ladies and gents, is a child's textbook ad hominem. It reads, writ large: "I have experience, you do not. What I have to say is right, what you have to say is wrong."

You really seem to know nothing Sir.
Then you have jumped to yet another conclusion using what you know about me (nothing).

Only your obvious lack of experience makes you believe and argue that such experience would make no difference in many street situations.
My obvious lack of boxing experience disqualifies me. Right. Despite the fact we're not talking about boxing. Okay.

But honestly, Sir: I cannot truly relate with a person who is totally incompetent.
At boxing, absolutely.

It seems that since you have beaten a couple of drunkards you feel like a tough guy, the hero of the neighbuorhood, and believe you can beat guys safely and intervene in street fights.
Three assumptions, and not a shred of proof. You don't know me, and the fact that you pretend to is baffling. Keep throwing mud though, no doubt some will stick. Eventually. I could list things I've done and experiences I've had, but what good would it do? No doubt they simply don't stack up beside yours. There's no way I could be more experienced than you, after all, it's simply not possible.

the fact you can qualify the coma of a person like the "right thing"
Defending himself was the right thing to do. The result depends upon your viewpoint, but I find it hard to believe anyone honestly thinks you should merely let yourself be attacked.

Please Sir, consider never intervening in a street situation
If you had ever actually been there in that situation, you'd know that's exactly what you do, every time. Every single time, there is the strong urge to simply walk away, forget about whatever is happening and whoever it is happening to, to not get involved, to not risk anything. No doubt you act on it, every single time. I've acted on it myself, but I refuse to act on it every time because that is merely the flipside of the foolhardy who intervene every time. The solution to an array of individual problems is not to jump between extremes, but to tailor your solution to each problem.

and in the same picture think of yourelf as a (I quote) "the good Samaritan"
And my point goes clear over your head. I do not think of myself as a Good Samaritan. Though I do enjoy you grasping desperately at vainglorious motives for my actions.

Indeed I am genuinely very concerned for your safety, and for that of the others that you may endanger with your fantasized ideas.
Yes, only in this world is the man who constantly asks for proof, for evidence, the fantasist. Classic.
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