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Chris Parkerson
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Kote Gaeshi (Aiki-no-jitsu) in a double stick Eskrima Fight

In this video, during round 3, Shawn Schulte (white stockings) loses one of his sticks.
He presses his opponent Nathan Curley and with a light touch, collects Curley's radial and ulna bones, locking them and Curley's shoulder, connects to Curley's base and drops him all in 1/4 second. Kite Gaeshi Aiki-no-jitsu style.

This was no accident. Shawn is an amazing athlete and has won or placed second every time he competes. Why do I know this was no accident? He is my training partner and a good friend. I worked with him for 5 years developing this and other techniques with the specific objective of making soft throwing real in confrontations involving weapons.

I hope you all enjoy the bout.
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