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Re: On viewing technique

Hugh Beyer wrote: View Post
Here's an answer from the back of the short schoolbus:

1. What's the attack?

2. What's the first foot movement--same side as attack or other side? Into the attack or back? On line or off line, and if off to the outside of the attack or inside?

3. What's the first hand movement, which creates technique? Cross-hand, or same side? Block, brush, or grab?

If you don't have at least that much you can't even get out there and practice, so get those down first. Everything after that is gravy.

But it pays to look as much at uke as at nage. See why uke is moving the way he/she does, and what nage did to create that result.
This would be my suggestion as well for a beginner. Later on... a lot later on you can start to pick those things out quickly enough to start focusing on other aspects of what sensei is trying to teach.
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