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Jan Childress vs. Timothy Hwang

This video came up in another thread, but I have been totally obsessing over it so I decided to put it in its own thread and let other people obsess with me.

Seems to me Childress is totally owned in this contents. The notes say he has just gone up a weight class, so props to him for that, and he stays on his feet, which is a feat in itself. But, IMHO, he's totally outclassed by Hwang and for reasons that I think a bunch of people around here may recognize.

Things that stand out for me:

1:13 - Childress continually returns to this Judo-like position of hanging on his opponent--maybe okay if you're thinking 4-legged animal, but Hwang never does this -- he's always, as he is here, dead upright.

0:39 - Hwang a couple of times absorbs Childress' push with his upper body without ever losing his balance backwards--even when, as here, he has to hop a step backwards Childress can't follow up on it.

3:06 -- Look at how Hwang moves here--mostly you can't see it, but at this point he's moving directly away from the camera and you can see how he stays rooted with a bowed lower body.

3:22 - And just for fun, look at this. The first push, you can see how he uses his whole body as a whip--the second push, it's easy to miss because he hardly seems to move, but Childress goes flying.

Seriously cool stuff, IMO. What do 'yall see?
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