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Re: Exercice to develop sense of center

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I agree with you on the problems with the term "relax" but if you use "muscular power" the way you propose nobody else in the universe is going to understand you.
You are right "muscular power" is not a good term without further explanation. Im trying to find a clearer wording for this. I usually explain it as pushing a rubber band from the inside wich have the other extreme attached/nailed trought your shoulder and to the spine without fully extending your arm (to avoid joint elbow lock and moving shoulder blades tu extend or contract)

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Furthermore, everybody who talks about this stuff talks about getting away from muscular power--the quality of movement you are looking for does not feel like using muscles, it feels like dropping muscular force, like you're not doing anything with your muscles.
But reality is that you are using muscles (only necessary), and this confuses almost everybody.

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The tai chi people talk about "softening" the joints instead of relaxing. I find that a useful image--if the joint is soft, it's pliable and flexible--probably not tense or rigid. And I can always work on getting it softer.
MMMM, you give me a good idea. Soft the rubber band but dont let it to reach his initial state!!!!

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