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Re: your number one technique

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NOTHING AND NO WORDS can replace experience;
yes Sir, you have got the whole point of it, indeed.
Only, at times one needs to elaborate to make the simplest thing understood - and at times no elaboration seems ever enough as we see.

You have got it, Sir. You have understood all that it needs to be understood to fight well, if you understood that.
Experience is all. Lots of it.

You may enjoy a bit of entertainment then, you earned it and you may take it with humour too (the fact is, movies are fictional, however screenwriters normally tap on guys with actual knowledge for their screenplays...)

True, street fights can be unpredictable - one more reason not to go there if you cannot say "500" - at least MMA or boxing matches lol

ps also note: in the screenplay the guy does not intervene because a man slapped a lady - the more you know how to fight, the less you feel such urges. In real life, not just in movies. It's ironic how a movie, which is fictional, has touched so many real points - evidenty they had good martial arts counselors for the screenplay....

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