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Re: The Catalyst of Aikido, Non-Resistance.

Roger Flatley wrote: View Post
I had a hard time following, probably due to my lack of understanding, and not because you failed to properly articulate your idea Graham. But I think I was able to grasp the crux of your point.

There's a teaching in Buddhism that all things are essentially neutral, and only take on a positive or negative complexion given circumstances and events. I think non-resistance is this state of neutrality.
Yes, neutral is indeed non-resitive. It's a great principle to practice to get reality on non-resistance. When all said and done you may even say it is one and the same eventually. Neutral is one of the principles I use in Aikido so I fully agree with you Roger.

To expand on it though I add that non-resistance is a catalyst and inherent in the whole. Therefor for example love in it's true form is non-resistive. So although neutral is one thing and has one set of effects then love also being non-resistive has a different set of effects yet both are thus non-resistance.

It is our own considerstions and thoughts and such that we attatch to love or neutral or Ki etc which lead us to the unawareness or misunderstanding of those things.

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