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Chris Parkerson
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Re: Exercice to develop sense of center

Force neutral is really the key. Where do you create momentum/force from?
From relaxing and letting gravity do it. Thus the criptism "weight underside".

Unbendable arm is also key. But is often misunderstood. Consider this diagram.
If you have a vertical structure with a welded pole near it's top and pointing downward at 30 degrees.
If the structure drops downward, the pole also pushes through anything that resists it.

The bottom of the pole is a force neutral point. The dropping of the underside of the structure creates the momentum and the mass yields force.

Bit dropping like this can be efficient only if you drop straight downward ( not at angles). Angles occur as our legs prevent us from dropping straight down. We get in the way of gravity and prevent momentum from occurring. That is another key issue.
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