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Re: Exercice to develop sense of center

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the pressure at the connection shouldn't change. if it does then you either lost the ground path to the connection point and/or you are shearing the connection. one other thing, make the other person arm your own, i.e. the connection point is your elbow and the other person shoulder is your hand.

dan = dan harden
Phi, that the pressure shouldn't change doesn't mean that is no pressure at all, right?. Im saying this because uke sometimes grab and make contact towards me and others only grabs and waits (incorrectly i think, but it is an option for him), so i have to create some initial presure from my feet to grabbing point to change his behaviour. If i have understand your correctly you should´t change (or better, you must try to keep) the initial pressure once you have unity trought it when moving, right?.

I will try make other points as connection point instead the place where im grabbed and see what happens. Thanks for the advice.

Another question:

Do you know what are those "neutral points" wich saotome sensei and ikeda sensei talk about. I have seen him explaining in some dvd but not in detail.
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