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Mario Tobias
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Re: On viewing technique

First, understand what the aikido basic steps are. There are 5 (or more depending on dojo). I assume you already know them. But take note, memorizing them is not sufficient. It needs to be like second nature to you. Mastering the basic steps is a prerequisite to start understanding techniques IMO.

Every technique's footwork can be broken down to the basic steps as the video below shows.

For beginners, worry and be self-aware about the footwork first as well as being in hanmi for every footwork transition. Footwork determines correctness of the distance and position of nage to uke while performing technique. If done incorrectly, you can either be too near or too far uke and therefore struggle with technique. Another common mistake is that the footwork sequence maybe correct but it's still sloppy since nage is not in hanmi all the time.

The hands and upper body movement will follow correctly (most likely) if you are doing correct footwork because they will flow naturally as your training develops. Actually, in some techniques you don't need hands (or minimal use of them) to throw uke, just good entry, timing and footwork.

Hope this helps.

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