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Re: Exercice to develop sense of center

Phi Truong wrote: View Post has to be very subtle. don't know if you have seen Ikeda sensei or not. his approach is all about subtlety, not overpowering.
I have seen Ikeda sensei but I havenīt been in any of his seminars. I will try to go to France where he is teaching a one week seminar.

Phi Truong wrote: View Post
here is what i called the Ikeda 3-steps approach. you want your partner to move to the right.
1. push slightly to the right
2. then in toward your partner
3. then again to the right
so it's right-in-right and repeat in small increment. once you get used to that, then it will be just one step. however, methink, that you need to work on the internal connectivity more. i believed one of dan's mantra "aiki in me before aiki in you" and sigman has similar statement involved jin. you are trying to do the "aiki in you" portion.
I will try those steps. I'm doing something similar but in another order i think but i will try yours.
What i do is trying to maintain the forward into my partner and at the same time push to the right without losing that forward. My forces go as an "L" (if you imagine you are watching us from the ceiling) and our connection point is where the two segments of the letter joins. By doing this i often feel a kind of "/" resultant direction where uke usually falls with his body alone.
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