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Jason Tonks
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Here's a story regarding the late Master Kenshiro Abbe Sensei who brought Aikido to the United Kingdom in the early 1950's and helped its spread as well as many other budo arts around Europe. One evening when walking back from the dojo, Abbe noticed a group of four young men watching him from the other side of the road. Suddenly the group approached Abbe demanding his wallet. Abbe's response was to throw his wallet on the floor and state " I'm prepared to die for that, what about you?" The men looked at each other then at the wallet, then at Abbe then fled.

I just thought I'd share this story because it is the kind of one that inspires me. Kenshiro Abbe Sensei was my Sensei's teacher back in the 1950's and was a man full of martial spirit and courage. Sometimes I feel in Aikido this has become sadly lacking. I'm sure I'm not a lone voice in the wilderness.

All the best

Jason T
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