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Re: Tamura's warm up

Joep Schuurkes wrote: View Post
Tamura's seminars often (always?) begin with about half an hour of mostly slow warm up exercises. Has anyone ever heard Tamura explaining these exercises? It would be nice to learn how to do these correctly, in stead of being puzzled while copying the movements as most people seem to do.
And does anyone have a video or pictures of Tamura doing these exercises? That would be really helpful.

Dear Joep,
I could be wrong but I think I have video material of Tamura Sensei warm up.I have attended some courses with him where he did the various movements.Cheers, Joe
Ps I also have material of Sekiya Sensei doing various body work possibly related to Setai body work.Chiba Sensei also has breathing techniques which stimulate the inner organs.I have these againon video.Cheers,Joe.
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