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Re: Exercice to develop sense of center

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you can read the discussion of connection and unity here starting with post # 136.

I can't really tell what you are doing so it would hard to say. a few minutes of hand-on time would fix things. IHTBF. when you start to work on this, you have to do it light and work up. it will take time for your body to change. i mentioned somewhere that it took me two years to get my body to change enough for me to feel it, and longer to be able to use it. there are a number of folks over there that work on these stuffs that could help to give you the right feedback.
I have read the entire post you linked up and the "moving your inside" thread. (missing yet the explanation of the for legged "put animal here").

I think i manage to get some sort of that you call unity. In one of your comments you said that when you sense uke you have unity. Im able to feel throught a contact point; the tense up parts of uke's body, how his structure reorganizes when he react to my movements, where uke's balance is heavy loaded, his tiredness or degree of commitment. However Im not able to take advantage of this "unity" and manipulate it correctly without some degree of disconnection when I start a movement. I have a bad feeling on this, is like having something near but something with you cannot play and enjoy.

I started to feel that two years ago and its weird, it feels like kind of holding a big snake with one hand in the air and trying to keep it vertical in place absorbing its waves by constantly adjusting your body to avoid him scape or bite your head, but not being able to put it in a bag!
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