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Ta Kung
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I know I said I would rest from this topic, but I've got something I'd like to share. Yesterday a friend of mine was at a paintball match. When we talked about it, it got me thinking of the last time I played.

I remember that I could see the "bullets" coming at me. They seemed to go slow, but all of a sudden they were making a mess on my goggles. I remember that I also saw the shots that were fired beside me, and I could acctually see them going in an arc shape. Even the wind had their trajectory (big word, bad spelling? ) altered.

Even though I saw these paintball shots coming at me, I couldn't react fast enough to move away. These shots are WAY slower than an ordinary bullet.

Now, if someone could stand still, let someone else fire at him, and still dodge these paintball bullets... then I'd be amazed. And to think about dodging real bullets? No way!
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