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Re: Exercice to develop sense of center

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posted a description of an exercise last year it really is a centering exercise, at least at the beginning. the thing about this exercise is you don't have to imagining things. me, i don't care for imagining things, because i imagine i won a lottery, but it has not happen so far. wonder if i should buy a ticket though.
I have read your post and that is exactly what i have developed with this kind of water imagery. I feel presure on my foots trough my spine from the point of contact creating that kind of "paths". Perhaps im doing more things than those im trying to explain with this exercise.

I have a question unresolved about that. When i have that path created from a wrist grab (by ex), I move my center trying not loosing that path and the presure on my partners hand increases. Im trying to avoid that pressure but I donīt have any clues of how to do it.

I'm reading some of your post and are interesting. I will keep reading you!.
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