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Re: Morihei Ueshiba: Untranslatable Words

Christopher Li wrote: View Post
How is a lecture not teaching? If you go to a lecture at a university the person at the front is called a "teacher" and is expected to convey the concepts in a manner that will transmit the ideas to the students. Teachers at universities are routinely evaluated by their students as to their effectiveness at doing just that (there are some problems with the system, but that's another discussion).

Just like Ueshiba knew that "nice young fellow from Hawaii" understood what he said?

Actually, I used "Untranslatable Words" because - that's what Tohei called the section.

Anyway, I have my ideas about "love and light" (and I have a hunch that what Ueshiba was referring to was actually more complex than what it would seem to be), but since the context no longer exists (having been eliminated by Tohei) it would be hard to say for sure.


That nice young fellow should have been more honest methinks. He probably did know that too.

Untranslatable words is a good title for all enlightened ones say how words alone cannot convey.

I differentiate between lecture and teaching and it is a good differentiation to have and remember. In most lectures it is meant to be the responsibility of the student to take notes or in this day and age even record. Why? To go over in their own time.

Teaching is a two way flow actually. Lecturing is a one way flow. Teaching is involvement with the student(s). Thus the teacher is with the student sharing in the understanding of the student, staying with the student in a two way communication, until the student grasps what is given.

Lecturing has nowhere near as much involvement and places more responsibility on the student.

Questions may be asked after the lecture or not. If so a little teaching may ensue.

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