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Re: IP : videos, explanations and hopefully more

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Hi Dan,

I'm glad you didn't take what he said the wrong way - we all know how things get taken online when people aren't present.
Having met over 1,100 people from mostly internet connections, I have come to realize that the internet is truly a poor form of communication. Most everyone gets on really well in person, even with friendships being formed.

One thing gets cleared up pretty quick in person; and that is just who the hell knew what they were really taking about from personal ability rather than quoting others and "imagining" you were truly capable. I think that is one reason meeting opens up clear communication. Next is people seeing the nuance and reading the heart and intentions of others. I have to say that to stay in Budo for so fail at something for so long and keep striving, takes a certain type of person. I've lost track of my many failures how about you?
And all of us!!

More and more I see reasons why we should be respecting each other, even in our differences.
Meeting more and more you....taught me that.

Ellis was right after all.
All the best
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