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Re: IP : videos, explanations and hopefully more

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
I got that too John.
I also agree that everyone should get out to feel everyone. No one can be all things to all men. Hence my VERY public recommendations to folks to get out there and do so.

I was talking about this with Toby the other day. We both agree that the more exposure people have to this kind of work, and to various approaches, the better. It's not a contest. It's also interesting that broader exposure benefits and doesn't detract from training. Sure there are some methods that may contradict, but others will overlap. And who reaps the benefit....well, Budo.

We are perhaps living in the best era to learn budo there ever was, if we slow down and take the time to learn.
Hi Dan,

I'm glad you didn't take what he said the wrong way - we all know how things get taken online when people aren't present.

"If we slow down and and take the time to learn"... haha, just had an argument with a friend online who accused me of having geriatric Aikido because we start the IS things with gentle / slow pushes and pulls etc. Sad thing is he only ever came once and it was only after about my first or second attempt at leading my classes in these things. He knows best of course .

At least we've had Ikeda sensei over here now (my geriatric insult toting friend didn't bother to come and see him either) so people have some clue about the current (IMHO) gold standard of Aikido with IS at long last in the UK. I think they'll all be back next year for his 2nd seminar.

Best Regards,
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