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Re: Exercice to develop sense of center

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It's a good metaphor. It might be useful if you combine it with the exercise of having people walk carrying a container of water -- something bigger than a glass of water.
Yes. For me is like imagining having a semi-sphere of the size of your waist, inside you. You can play with that imagining diferent kind of liquids like oil (more difficult to spill with little vibrations), water (easyli spllled), etc.. to adjust it to your skill level. The point is trying to keep the liquid inside and the less vibrating you can.

I'm actually playing with the size an position of that imaginary semi-sphere, For example im studying how i react when i imaging having it on muy hand while uke is grabbing my wrist. I usually find easy to move freely, bending arm and walking without letting uke to displace the position of my wrist and maintaining connection.

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It's a good way to really become aware of unevenness in your gait, tension in your body (which translates to the water -- I think it's possible to be "centered", in a sense at least, and also so tense that you're effectively frozen in place, because you can't move smoothly).
Agree, You have to be smooth in your movements and well grounded and with a kind of active-relaxation (the more relaxed the more options to avoid spilling moving your body and beter sense of uke actions)

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I like it because it demystifies some terminology that, IMO, often acts as an "emperor's suit of clothes", such as "connect with uke" (which, whatever their mystical/ethereal dimensions, have a physical basis and need to be understood as such). Fun to try, anyway, and see what happens.
I'm glad you like it. Tell me if you try!. I would like to hear your experiences!. I really do need to know other experiences to improve this kind of "tool".

Thanks for your answer!
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