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Ernesto Lemke
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Re: IP : videos, explanations and hopefully more

Hello Carsten (and congratulations!) nice to hear from you after the event. Kinda was wondering when you would decide to share something afterwards but then, you were busy getting married eh? Anyway, I couldn't agree more.

Mr. Matusiak, it strikes me you are already in favour of "Mr. Mike's" approach so why not concentrate on that? If you are still curious about "Mr. Dan" then why not consider applying for his next UK seminar?
It should not have passed you that Dan Harden has no inclination to share his thoughts on his approach (exercises) via the internet. Whether you or I agree with that is besides the point but any additional information about his method, mostly possibly shared by seminar attendees, is at best "coloured". Thus, sharing your "conclusion" based on exposure of people's methods : Mr. Mike and Mr. Dan (gosh, this sounds kinda Reservoir Dogesque) through another persons filter is rather "limited" wouldn't you say?

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