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Exercice to develop sense of center

I am currently developing and testing a way to explain how I keep my center in my practice. People that have heard my explanation likes it and find it useful for his practice so i'd like to share it with you for talk about it. (I don't know if it exist and if so, please point me where to study it!!)

The mental image I'm using for this is as follows:

Imagine that you have a half-sphere filled with liquid at the place where the hara is said to be placed.
Your mission is to move your whole body in any way that you think that can makes the liquid surface to vibrate as little as possible to avoid spilling it on the floor.
Remember the experience of walking while carrying a glass full of water in our hands and how our whole body moves in order to prevent the spilling when someone step on us.

I think this mental image is useful for training several things at once:

1. To keep the body as straight as possible to avoid the water being spilled easily.
2. To deflect or absorb and integrate the uke attacks in our body without colliding. A collision makes our water vibrate and spilled on the floor.
3. To reach uke attacks an no waiting for him to come. Is easy to mantain the liquid calm if we contact uke as soon as posible where we want to be.
4. To connect to uke. I way of keep the water in place is to maintain unity with uke to sense his movements and react to keep the water in calm.
5. To avoid making extra movement when we receive uke's attack. by moving more than necessary we add more vibration to our water surface an increase the risk of spilling
6 ...

In Spain it is a little late to continue writing, i will continue tomorrow if you are interested on this. Sorry if my english is not good enought i will try to improve.

Any thoughts or comments will be appreciated.
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