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Re: Internal Power/Strength (IS/IP) in relation to non-human contact

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For those of you who have developed Internal Power/Strength (IS/IP), I'm wondering how it applies to non-humans, i.e. to inanimate objects (such as when lifting a heavy table/rock) and to animals (for instance when 'play-wresting' with a large dog, primate or bear).

I know this question may sound a little bizarre, but I'm wondering about the generalisability and/or limitations of IS/IP. And perhaps whether there are variations of the of IS/IP?

Thanks in advance.
Thank you everyone who was replied so far. with respect, whilst i appreciate people's thoughts and views on the subject, i'm hoping for someone who actually has (at least in their opinion) developed some level of IS/IP to comment on the topic. without that, i'm afraid that the ambiguous nature of IS/IP would lead to tangential speculations and baseless assumptions.

i hope my being frank doesn't offend anyone... well, not too much anyway.
Hello Sir
I have developed internal strength and can use it in a variety of ways that do not require anyone to "believe-in"... a single thing I say. As for your list. It is yes all the way including wall building and actual work, also my 190lb Rottweiller and my Pit bull/ boxer (though if I pissed them off...I would bet on the dog!!). Sorry, no bears or apes unless you count some older Budo-ka I know. Well...there was this Samoan and also a German giant named Sven!!!
IP, combined with aiki, will work better on people...than inanimate objects (like teenagers and many adults with T.V.'s) for a host of reasons you don't really need to know about or concern yourself with.

To be equally frank, I found your last statement to be a rather transparent indicator of not only your doubts, but your intentions in your original posting. To be clear, your own lack of believing that Internal power has any merit will last about one minute in person,(if it takes that long) so why would I spend time over and over in debating it on the internet when no one I have met from your art or most any other art, can do much of anything to stop person? To that end, I have found the discussions to be more person. Hence my increasingly rare apearences on the net.

An ever increasing number of us are improving by practicing the real power behind the Asian arts (from India to China to Japan) that was always kept closed to most, for mileniums. It seems everyone else is proud to practice whatever it was they did want us to know. I have no intention of trying to convince you of anything on the net.
It's all good. Have fun, and good luck in your training

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